Schaeffer钢琴公司与马州蒙哥马利郡公立学校合作,支持学校音乐课程,并帮助学校保留新的和维护良好的乐器。今年低价销售活动将于2018年11月16日,17日和18日在马里兰州洛克维尔市North Stonestreet 大道105号举行。

11月16日和17日,周五和周六,仅限预约。预约电话301-424-1147。 11月18日星期日,上午10点至下午6点,向公众开放。


Schaeffer’s Piano Company is working with MCPS to support school music programs and help keep new and well-maintained instruments in the school system.

2018 greatly reduced price sales event will take place at 105 North Stonestreet Avenue, Rockville, Maryland 20850. November 16, 17, Friday and Saturday, are by appointment only, please call 301-424-1147 to schedule an appointment. November 18, Sunday, is sale to the public, from 10am to 6pm. All pianos will carry a 15-year transferable warranty. Each piano will come with one bench and one free in-house tuning. Parking is free and is half a block from the Rockville Metro.

For additional information, please

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